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Wind Knots?!

Wind Knots?!

Wind knots? Like knots in my hair? Nope! Wind knot is the speed of the wind on the ground. This can vary greatly to the wind speed at altitude! When you hear us talking about wind knots it’s really just fancy talk for how strong the wind is blowing! 

The term Knots actually dates back to 17th century sailors who used a device called a common log, this device has a long rope attached to it with evenly spaced knots. Aviation stole most of its terminology from the nautical world, similar to the navigation beacons on both ships and aircraft port (left) = red, starboard (right) = green, the more you know, right?

Why do you go back up when the parachute opens?

Why do you go back up when the parachute opens?

A common misconception in tandem skydiving is you seem to “go back up” when the parachute deploys. Because of such awesome video technology, more and more people are getting videos of their skydive. When the parachute opens in the video the tandem student and their instructor seem to go back up really fast! Students have often reported they felt they were going back up when the parachute opened. 

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubbles, but once you jump, there is no going back up! 

(Unless of course you want to jump again after you land!)

What students are experiencing is the slow down from terminal velocity as their parachute deploys. More on terminal velocity later, but just a quick note, once you are at terminal velocity you don’t feel like you are falling! When the parachute opens you decelerate from 120 mph, so when the chute opens it does feel like you are going back up because you don’t feel like you are falling in the first place! So while it may feel, and even look like you are going back up in the sky, in reality you’re just slowing down! 

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Skydiving On Vacation

Skydiving On Vacation

 Important notes for booking while on vacation

We understand that the Wisconsin Dells is a very hot vacation destination for not only Wisconsinites, but also for those from out state, and even out of the country! 

Understanding this can help us make sure you book the best time possible! We recommend travelers who are only visiting the Dells for a limited time book a skydive with us early in your stay. This offers more flexibility to still get you jumped on a different day of your vacation if the weather isn’t cooperating the day of your jump.

We would love to be able to control the weather, but unfortunately we cannot, and skydiving is a weather dependent sport! Help us help you if the weather doesn’t go as planned; book your skydive early on in your trip so we can reschedule and jump with you before you head home! 

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