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The Bachelor Tandem Skydive Crash

The Bachelor Tandem Skydive Crash

For those of you who keep up with the Bachelor, you may have seen that Matt took his date, Rachel, skydiving, in PA! We are always excited when new people are introduced to skydiving, especially when the general public can follow along on TV! Monday’s episode of the Bachelor however was not a good reflection of the sport of skydiving. 

If you have seen the latest episode: “Episode 8: Hometowns”, airing on 02/22/21, the couple get geared up and ride up to altitude with no issues. They both exit the aircraft and complete freefall without incident. When their parachutes open both of them are shown flying happily through the sky! All seems well right? You’re thinking to yourself, maybe I should try skydiving! Then it happens. The landing. Matt lands first, and everything seems great, but right as we think all is well, Rachel and her instructor crash into the ground! 

The crash does not look good, and we agree, it’s not good! The instructor in that video performed a very low turn, which causes the parachute to not be level which in turn will basically hook the pair into the ground! Again, not good! Our Instructors are trained to land with their parachute level into a clear area! This way the landing is nice and soft, but most importantly, safe! 

We are not sure of the injuries Rachel sustained during that landing during her jump at another dropone, but we want to address the fear many of those may have after seeing that video! Please do not let that video scare you away from skydiving! Like mentioned in our FAQ’s skydiving is very safe! So safe that you’re in more danger driving your car to the airport than you are skydiving! We take pride in having our instructors trained with safety as the number one concern. In reality the chances of this happening on a skydive are slim to none! We hate when skydiving gets a bad rap in the public eye and that video does not reflect the sport of skydiving in a good manner. 

Whether the crash was all a publicity stunt for reality tv, or was the real deal, As dropzone owners we will be looking into the official reports that surface and we will be reviewing the footage and talking with our team so we can prevent things like this! 

Like mentioned before safety is always our number one concern! We wish Rachel all the best and hopefully she makes a speedy recovery! 

If you would like a softer landing then please come visit us at Skydive Wisconsin Dells! 

If you ever have any questions or concerns about skydiving please feel free to reach out to us!