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Skydiving while on vacation in wisconsin dells


We understand that the Wisconsin Dells is a very hot vacation destination for not only Wisconsinites,

but also for those from out state, and even out of the country!

Understanding this can help us make sure you book the best time possible!

We recommend travelers who are only visiting the Dells for a limited time book a skydive with us early in your stay. This offers more flexibility to still get you jumped on a different day of your vacation if the weather isn’t cooperating the day of your jump.

We would love to be able to control the weather, but unfortunately we cannot, and skydiving is a very weather dependent sport!

Help us help you if the weather doesn’t go as planned; book your skydive early on in your trip so we can reschedule and jump with you before you head home!

What to expect when you visit and skydive with us in the dells


Skydiving Training

When you arrive on the day of your jump you will be given one on one training with one of our USPA accredited instructors. They will walk you through what to expect on your jump, and fit you with a harness and goggles to successfully complete your skydive.

Any and all questions will be answered during this time by our knowledgeable instructors. They want to get to know you and make sure you have the best skydive possible! We do not move onto the jump until you are comfortable!

Tandem Jump

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Set your mind and body free as the cool air rushes past you into the plane as the door opens. You stare out, and make the leap. Nothing compares to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. 

Experience the feeling of true freefall, reaching speeds of over one hundred miles an hour, all while feeling completely weightless! Enjoy the views and being completely in the moment as your instructor does the rest! It’s that easy! 

Parachute Ride

When it’s time, our instructors will open the parachute. The noise of freefall turns into the silence of the parachute ride. You’ll feel like a bird soaring high above the ground. Your instructor will chat with you under parachute so you can decide what kind of ride you want. It can be fast and exhilarating like a rollercoaster, or slow and steady like an eagle circling overhead. This is your skydive and you are in complete control. The instructor will direct you back to the dropzone, or if you don’t feel like flying the parachute yourself, the instructor will take you there!

Why skydive wisconsin dells?


Located just 20 mins from downtown Wisconsin Dells, we are the closest Tandem Skydiving center. Not only that but we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible experience from enquiry to landing safely.



  • Education: USPA Trained & Rated Tandem Parachute Instructors
  • Safety: We use industry leading UPT Sigma & Micro Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems
  • Experience: We pride ourselves on outstanding customer experience, not some corporate customer service attitude, Karen would be proud!